First there was MUD....

a lot of it…

We discovered the location some 2 and a half years ago.

We found an existing basic well, once dug out by Unesco in the 1990's to provide drinking water and a washing facility to the people of the nearby Naxay village.

Around the water rich land there was a wild terrain moving up to the foot of the nearby mountain featuring an entrance to a cave.

Lao founder Visack and Belgian Harry Bastin noticed that even in the dry season water kept pupping up so we took the gamble and brought in machines to transform the mud-pool into a swimming pond, suitable for recreation.

Again, heavy excavators showed up and 65 trucks, loaded with smooth, rounded river stones unloaded their cargo on to the pond's floor. The overflow of the pond, forming a river in the back was also deepened out. Here we have a plan to grow fish in a new basin.

We also reconstructed the 2 dams and made the water drainage at a lower level so now we can evacuate all the water and the remaining mud when we clean the pond about every 3 weeks.

We can empty the pond in 2 hours and when we close the gates, it fills up to its 1.8 m high level in 10 hours.

As a result, we now have crystal clear water that renews itself daily. You can see the pebbles on the floor and should you drop an item like sun glasses, we can easily fish it out for you. On busy days like Lao new year we pay extra attention that nobody gets unwell and gets into dificulties. Thanks to the clarity of the water, we can monitor from above and intervene if necessary.